Green Walls

How a green wall is maintained is as crucial to its success as its design and construction. At Sunnydale Green Solutions we are experts.Our range of plants includes ferns, canes, tri colour marginatas, ficus, happy plants through to grass bowls. A variety of pot sizes, colours and designs are selected to compliment our plants.


Our Green wall maintenance specialist have the knowledge of horticulture and green wall systems you need along with the design and support layers of a green wall including the lighting requirements, the irrigation,the nutrient regime and the specific requirements of the plants that your wall supports, we can also read the cues which indicate trouble and respond quickly to maintain the health and value of your green wall.

Josh Curtis Plantscapes Manager

Concept Design

Design Your Green Wall with our Plantscape Designer and watch it come to life


Our team of Plantscape Engineers will install your Green Wall


Your Green Wall is maintained weekly by one of our qualified horticulturalists

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