We Love Plants

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor plantscapes custom designed to suit your event living or work space. Our plantscapes are available for long term monthly hire or short term special event hire.

An Indoor Attack

Within your office lurks an army of pollutants and the landmark Clean Air study from NASA identifies every General:

Trichloroethylene: contaminant released by printer inks, adhesives, and paint lacquers.
Formaldehyde: contaminant released by paper products and particleboard.
Benzene: contaminant released by plastics, furniture wax, and synthetic fibres.
Xylene: contaminant released by printing paper, leather, and paint.
Ammonia: contaminant released by floor waxes, window cleaners, and fertilisers.

These toxins invade every office, triggering a series of reactions, including dizziness, headaches, increase in heart rate, short-term confusion, and coughing – none of which prove ideal for productivity. Indoor plants in Brisbane and indoor plants in Ipswich, therefore, are essential to fighting off symptoms.