We Love Plants

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor plantscapes custom designed to suit your event living or work space. Our plantscapes are available for long term monthly hire or short term special event hire.

SUNNYDALE Plantsforhire: About Us

For more than thirty years, SUNNYDALE Plantsforhire has served as the leading indoor plant hire on the Gold Coast. Our dedicated team caters to all needs, choosing options that reflect each client’s environment, schedule, and budget. They combine this with exceptional service, maintaining each plant with the utmost care.

Considering an indoor plant hire on the Sunshine Coast? Contact us! We offer permanent and casual packages for every office.

Inspiring Productivity: The Value of Indoor Plants

Need to battle the office blues? Consult an indoor plant hire in Brisbane to learn about the effect of greenery on attention, productivity, and mood.


According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, plants have a definitive impact on attention, with both flowering and foliage options positively influencing dual processing functions, cognitive capacities, and central executive functions. Overall awareness and multi-tasking abilities increase.


The American Psychological Association reports that plants also affect productivity. Green spaces (especially when compared to lean commercial spaces) deliver increases in work output and concentration.


A study launched by the Association for Psychological Science explains the correlation between moods and nature, with plants found to stimulate voluntary (or directed) attention and decrease overall aggression and fatigue.

Every indoor plant hire on the Gold Coast and indoor plant hire on the Sunshine Coast recognises the impact of nature in offices. By fusing every corner with a bit of greenery, individuals suddenly find their thoughts soothed and their spirits lifted – and this translates to stronger quarters.