We Love Plants

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor plantscapes custom designed to suit your event living or work space. Our plantscapes are available for long term monthly hire or short term special event hire.

Mowing, Hedging and Clipping

The most common and frequent form of garden maintenance, mowing is necessary both for the health of your grass and to keep it looking great. Mowing can be difficult when you have a large expanse of grass on your property simply because of how much time it takes. Hedging and clipping are also very important both for health and aesthetics. Making sure your plants are trimmed and straight will go a long way toward increasing their lifespan and keeping them beautiful.

Overall Garden Health

Of course, garden maintenance on the Sunshine Coast requires a lot more than just mowing and hedging. General plant health, proper watering, pest and disease problems – these are the things that take the most time and effort when it comes to maintaining a garden. Many people don’t even know what to look for when they’re examining their garden for health problems, which often results in plants dying and eventually the whole garden withering away. There are lots of signs that a garden is in need of work, and only the best horticulturists can recognise all of them.

Outsourcing Your Garden Maintenance in Ipswich

There are third party companies out there which handle every aspect of garden maintenance in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and other Australian locales, meaning you don’t have to do a thing related to your garden other than enjoy it. One such company is Sunnydale Plantsforhire. We are a locally owned and operated horticultural service that can take care of every aspect of maintaining your garden. We will return on a fixed schedule and monitor the health of your plants in addition to identifying pest and disease problems and correcting them accordingly. We have many years of experience and would love to apply it to your garden.

Call Sunnydale Plantsforfire Today for Garden Maintenance on the Gold Coast

If you know that your Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane or Ipswich garden needs work, or if it’s been a long time since an expert as looked at it, it may be smart to call Sunnydale Plantsforhire. We can look at the garden and determine what work a garden needs, and then we will handle it with the utmost care. We have all of the equipment, experience, and personnel to make your garden maintenance project successful.